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               GHOST WALKS

​                                       INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS

         EERIE ERIE GHOST WALKS          
​                           2014

​     Over the past 7 years, nearly 10,000 Ghost Hunters
have joined Capt. Bob Gossman on these 1.5 hr walks
through some of the more paranormally active areas of
Eerie Erie.  Combining true and verifiable tales of the 
weird, strange and paranormal with local history, 
Capt. Bob tells Eerie's past as it has never before been
told.  Join us this Summer, and, maybe,you will become
Eerie Erie's 10,000ths Ghost Hunter!!!

​           Reservations Required:  Call or Text:  814-431-8601  
                               We will begin taking reservations June 1, 2014

                        Walks will NOT be cancelled due to weather.
                               NOT recommended for children.
​                    Feel free to bring your cameras and EMF Meters.

JUNE 2014

June 12    8:30pm   EERIE HAUNTED PUBS & TAVERNS TOUR                                                                                                            
                       Meets @ Scully's Pub,  408 State St.  Erie, PA


     Visit up to 9 paranormally active adult beveraging establishments in Downtown 
Eerie Erie, and, be regaled by true and verifiable tales of the spirits that reside
there.  MUST BE 21 with ID.  You will be responsible for your own beveraging needs and subsequent actions.  The length of this walk will be determined by the strength of your legs and liver.                                                                                      

June 13   8:30pm   EERIE FRIDAY 13TH GHOST WALK                    
                      Meets @  In front of:  Erie County Public Library
                                                        160 E. Front St.,  Erie, PA


     Friday 13th.  The perfect day for a Ghost Walk.  That coupled with a Full Moon
could make this the best night for a walk for another 35 years.  If you are interested in ghost hunting, you cannot miss this one.

June 13    10:30pm  EERIE FULL MOON GHOST WALK

                      Meets @ Dobbins Landing, Near the base of the Bicentennial Tower
                                      1 State St, Erie, PA


     A Full Moon, anything can happen!!!  AND, it's Friday 13th!!!  This will NOT happen again until 2049.  Who knows what paranormal experience await us?
Come along and find out.

June 14    8:30PM    EERIE'S "RICH & FAMOUS"                                                       GHOST WALK    

                      Meets @ Erie County Court House,  140 W. 6th St.,  Erie PA


Walk through Eerie's original "rich & famous" neighborhood and hear the true tales of love, hate, jealousy, lust and murder that has made our town what it is, today.  There have been poltergeist sightings throughout this area right up through modern times.

June 14    10:30pm    EERIE'S "SLEEPY HOLLOW" 
                                                        GHOST WALK                          

                                Meets in front of:  The Church of the Covenant     
                                                             250 W. 6th St., Erie, PA


     In 1791, the Erie Triangle was purchased from New York by PA.  At that time, there was a section of the frontier town of Erie that was known by the locals as "Sleepy Hollow".  Come explore the paranormal happenings of this very "olde" section of our town.

JULY 2014

July 17    8:30pm     EERIE HAUNTED PUB CRAWL

​                                      Meets @ Scully's Pub,  408 State St, Erie, PA 


     At least 6, maybe as many as 10, haunted pubs and taverns are visited on this walk.  It will test both your legs and liver.  MUST BE 21 with ID, and, you will be responsible for your own beveraging along the walk.

​July 18    8:30pm    Eerie Millionaires' Row Ghost Walk

​                                         Meets:  Erie County Court House
                                                      140 W. 6th St.,  Erie,PA


Hear the REAL story of Eerie Erie's original "rich & famous", and, experience the paranormal activities that continue to this day.  Love, hate, jealousy and murder are just a few of the topics covered on this stroll through one of our most expensive neighborhoods.

July 18  10:30pm    OLDE OLDE EERIE GHOST WALK

                                         Meets:  Church of the Covenant   
                                                       250 W. 6th St, Erie, PA


     Walk through one of Erie's oldest neighborhoods dating back to the late 1700's, and, hear about the paranormal activities happening NOW.  Apparitions, unexplained phenomena and ghosts occur regularly on this route.

July 19    8:30pm    Eerie Bayfront Ghost Walk

                                 Meets:  Dobbins Landing:  1 State St.  Erie, PA
                                             near the base of The Bicentennial Tower


     Stroll around one of the most historical and hysterical ports on the Great Lakes--
Port Eerie.  Tales from as long ago as 1812 right up to just last year make this mystical Port of Call a must for paranormal seekers.

July 19    10:30pm     Olde Port Eerie Ghost Walk

                                            Meets:  Presque Isle Angler Bait Shop
                                                         34 State St,  Erie, PA


     Take a walk through Port Eerie's Canal Basins as Capt. Bob recalls the paranormal activities of Erie's hayday of shipping.  There was a time when nearly 2000 vessels a week came through Port Erie and with them the superstitions of the sea.

​AUGUST 2014

August 1   8:30pm    Eerie Public Dock Ghost Walk

​                                            Meets:  Dobbins Landing--Upper Deck
                                                         1 State St, Erie, PA


     Between the time it was the "Erie Public Steamboat Landing" and ,now, "Dobbins Landing",  it was known as THE PUBLIC DOCK"  or as many would say just
"the Dock."  It was a special place for those young people in the 
1950's, 60' and 70's.  You may remember.  If you do, you can't 
miss this nostalgic walk of paranormal proportions.

August 1    10:30pm    Eerie's Olde Shipyards 
                                             Ghost Walk

                                         Meets:  Presque Isle Angler Bait Shop
                                                      34 State St, Erie, PA


     Walk through the part of town where the great ships of Erie were built:  Lund, Noland and Brockway to name a few.  Not to mention the Great warships Niagara and Wolverine.  There must be some ghosts there.  Let us find out.

August 2    9:30pm   Eerie Mid-Summer's Night  Ghost Walk

                                           Meets:  Erie County Court House
                                                        140 W. 6th St, Erie, PA


     Even the great storyteller, William Shakespeare knew that there was something mystical about this night halfway between the Summer Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox.  Come experience the magic yourself, while Capt. Bob tells the tales of long-ago Erie.  This walk will last at least 2 hours, and, could be the last of the year.

                   Complete 2014 Eerie Erie Ghost Walk Schedule

​                                        Reservations begin June 1, 2014

June 12  Thursday    8:30pm     Eerie Haunted Pubs & Taverns Tour
June 13    Friday       8:30pm     Eerie FRIDAY 13th Ghost Walk
June 13    Friday       10:30pm   Eerie FULL MOON Ghost Walk
June 14    Saturday   8:30pm     Eerie's "Rich & Famous" Ghost Walk
June 14    Saturday   10:30pm   Eerie's "Sleepy Hollow" Ghost Walk

July   17   Thursday    8:30pm    Eerie Haunted Pub Crawl
July   18    Friday        8:30pm    Eerie Millionaires' Row Ghost Walk
July   18    Friday        10:30pm  Olde Olde Eerie Ghost Walk
July   19    Saturday    8:30pm    Eerie Bayfront Ghost Walk 
July   19    Saturday    10:30pm  Olde Port Eerie Ghost Walk

Aug.   1     Friday        8:30pm    Eerie Public Dock Ghost Walk
​Aug.   1     Friday        10:30pm  Eerie's Olde Shipyards Ghost Walk
Aug.   2     Saturday    9:30pm    Eerie Mid-Summers' Night Ghost Walk